Parent’s Guide

Does my child need help? Is her behavior normal for a child this age?

Sometimes it’s difficult to know where to go for answers when you have questions about your child’s behavior or development. Our Parent’s Guide has answers to many of your questions. Here you’ll find information about:

Developmental and Academic Milestones

Separated by age range and category, this section provides a list of milestones that will help you gauge your child’s developmental progress.

The Disorder Guide

A detailed listing of disorders applicable to children, teens and young adults ages 4 to 24 years old, this guide provides information in four categories; description, signs and symptoms, diagnosis and treatment, and disorder-specific, frequently asked questions.


Turning “medical speak” into plain English, our glossary contains terminology related to neuropsychology and overall developmental health. It also contains a listing of professionals and how each can assist your child’s development.

Available Forms

Here you’ll find downloadable forms used for each evaluation. Forms include our pediatric questionnaire, consent forms allowing us to confer with your child’s doctors, therapist and school professionals, and our privacy policy.

Frequently Asked Questions

Over our history we have performed thousands of neuropsychological evaluations working with children and their parents. This section contains our most frequently asked questions.