What to Expect for Your Child’s Neuropsychological Test

What to Expect for Your Child’s Neuropsychological Test
1. Scheduling

Please call or email us to schedule an appointment. Our scheduling staff will explain the evaluations options, how insurance works and perform an initial intake. Wait time for appointments can vary through out the year, please call to receive current wait estimate.

2. What To Do Before

After your child’s neuropsychological evaluation is scheduled, you’ll receive packet of forms by mail to complete. You’ll be asked to provide your child’s medical history and to discuss any areas of concern. We’ll also schedule a follow-up session to discuss testing results. The day before testing, make sure your child gets a good night’s sleep.

3. What To Do The Day Of

Make sure your child eats a healthy breakfast, avoiding caffeine, excessive sugar or highly processed foods. Testing length depends upon the type of evaluation being performed. Typical appointments begin at 9 am. Your clinician will discuss appropriate break times before testing begins.

4. What To Expect After

After your child’s tests are carefully scored and interpreted, you will attend a follow-up session with the neuropsychologist who evaluated your child. This feedback session may occur the same day as testing but is usually scheduled within two weeks of the test date. Our clinician discusses test results and recommended next steps during this meeting and will prepare a written report of your child’s evaluation, with results and recommendations. At your request, a copy can be sent to third parties such as your child’s pediatrician, therapist or a school official.