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Beyond the Three “Rs”: Why Executive Functions Help Kids Succeed

I recently attended a presentation at my children’s school and was interested to learn that they planned to incorporate executive functioning skills instruction into the curriculum beginning in the early grades. The idea behind this is to provide instruction in effective “learning to learn” strategies early so that they are habits by the time they’re […]

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The Downside of Cramming

What’s the best way to approach learning? How can we teach our kids more effective study strategies? I imagine that we can all recall times when we have “crammed” for a final exam. For some, that strategy may be effective in the short term – perhaps yielding a good grade on that particular test. However, […]

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Why My Daughter’s Pencil Grip Led Us to Neuropsychological Testing

I’ll never forget my daughter’s first grade parent-teacher conference.  “I’m considering recommending that she repeat first grade,” the teacher said, after updating me on my daughter’s progress. Her reasoning: my daughter Clara (not her real name) seemed fine socially, enjoyed reading, writing and drawing, but had trouble holding a pencil and struggled slightly with basic […]

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